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Ulcers Cure

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Helpful Root for Occasional Pain

Now that gastroenterologists realize that many ulcers are caused by bacteria, a number of holistic-oriented doctors have directed ulcer patients to use licorice root to help quell the associated pain and digestive unease. Licorice root (but not the sweetened candy-rarely made from the root) contains active substances that attack the bacteria that cause ulcers.

As an adjunct to treatment, or if you can’t take antibiotics, stir licorice root into hot tea to get the medicinal effect. Or add licorice root extract to hot drinks, in part as herbal medicine, in part as a sweetener.

A Carrot a Day

According to top nutritionists of www.howtogetrid.org, a daily six- or eight-ounce glass of fresh carrot juice-rich in beta-carotene-may soothe an ulcerated stomach lining. (Check with your physician for a diagnosis, though, before taking carrot juice as the sole treatment for a stomach discomfort that might indicate an ulcer.) Other complementary therapies, along with a short course of antibiotics, may be necessary to successfully treat a persistent stomach ulcer.

Go Gren

It’s the natural tonic for an ulcer: Chlorophyll, the green photosynthetic matter that gives plants their color. Some alternative practitioners believe chlorophyll is very effective in cleansing the intestinal lining and reducing irritation associated with a pre ulcerous or ulcerous condition. Take a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll-available at most health food stores-every day. Or try a daily eight-ounce glass of “green” juices that are high in chlorophyll, such as parsley or spinach juice.

Watch what You Eat

If you suffer from a pre-ulcerous or ulcerous condition, you can avoid aggravating the area further by shunning irritating foods. What’s on the forbidden food list? Besides the regulars, such as highly acidic fruits and spicy items, the list includes rough or scratchy snacks-for example, nuts and popcorn, which can scrape the intestinal lining.

Aloe Vera Inside Out

Aloe isn’t just for sunburn anymore. Aloe vera gel is a time-honored favorite for taking the sting out of burns, cuts and scrapes. According to the experts, it’s true for tissues inside as well as outside the body. And it’s safe. Taken internally, aloe vera gel will soothe sore, ulcerated spots in the stomach. Take one teaspoonful twice a day. Look for aloe vera juice in the health food store. (Follow dosage directions carefully.)

Cabbage Fix

Ulcers Cure

Whether you prefer cole slaw or a cup of juice, cabbage is a common kitchen fix for an ulcerated stomach lining. Why? It’s rich in vitamins and amino acids that help heal the mucosa that lines the intestines. Eat a wedge of raw cabbage daily, drink an eight-ounce glass of cabbage juice, or add about one cup of cabbage slices to a tossed salad. Make it a habit. No matter which suits your taste, be sure the cabbage is fresh. That’s the key to getting good results with this crunchy therapy.

Try an Anti-Ulcer Tea

Only recently have doctors agreed that a bacterial infection causes many more ulcers than stress does. Yet for decades, herbalists have recommended calendula tea to ulcer sufferers because of its immune-stimulating properties. (They didn’t know calendula’s antibacterial properties would come in handy as well.)

Four or five teaspoons of calendula flowers, brewed in a lemon-spiced tea, can often calm burning ulcer symptoms in a matter of minutes. Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is also available in tincture form.

Natural Antibiotics Soothe Ulcers

Dioxychlor, a hydrogen-peroxide-like liquid with antibiotic properties, can fight the bacteria that cause stomach and duodenal ulcers. The tonic is taken orally-a teaspoonful every day. Look for dioxychlor at your health food store or herbal pharmacy.

Make sure to get a diagnosis before beginning this antibiotic course to be sure that an infection is the cause of your ulcer.